Coal River Valley

Located 7km from the town of Richmond – one of Tasmania’s and Australia’s most picturesque and historical towns – the vineyards of Pressing Matters are producing world-class wines in the fertile and lush Coal River Valley.

The Coal River Valley was part of the territory of the Oyster Bay or Mumirimina Indigenous people and became one of the earliest areas used by the first British settlers outside Hobart with Richmond established in the 1820s.

Embraced for its river systems and nutritious soils, the first British settlers used the Valley as a mixture of grazing, pastureland and crop growing.

Fast forward to 2024. The primary land usage is for vineyards that produce very high quality, slow-maturing, cool-weather grapes and while the area is still celebrated for its peaty, rich soils, there is a rare slither of limestone in the Valley upon which Pressing Matters vineyards sit. This limestone adds finesse, minerality and structure to the wines. Overall, the Coal River Valley is responsible for about 13% of Tasmania’s wine production.