Who Are We

Two families brought together from a love of wine supported by a passionate and talented team.

Melick family

Greg Melick AO SC and wife Michelle founded Pressing Matters in 2002, inspired by the potential of the neighbouring Morningside Vineyard to produce the noble European varieties of Riesling, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Cabernet. The first vintage was in 2006.

Greg is a wine lover and international wine citizen. Wearing many hats: Senior Counsel; 52 years in the ADF Reserve with the last 12 as Major General; national/international wine judge; Master Judge of Wine, his services to wine education and the show system have been awarded by peak bodies including recognition of the ‘Avery Forum‘.

As busy as Greg is in his first careers, he finds time to ‘run interference’ in key aspects of the vineyard. His love of Mosel and Burgundy wines inspires Pressing Matters but Greg’s role as father and grandfather are his proudest achievements.

Hall family

The opportunity to unite the Morningside vineyard with Pressing Matters saw the Hall family join the Melicks as partners in late 2019. A friendship formed from a love of burgundy and holidays shared in the family home in Meursault now fuels the next stage of the Pressing Matters story. Significant investment in a new winery, tasting room and general infrastructure and new plantings are some of the first steps of the partnership.

Winemaking – Samantha Connew

Sam’s award winning expertise and no nonsense attitude compliments Pressing Matters aspirations. Now adding to her CV is the design of our new 200T winery where the wines of Pressing Matters and her own label, Stargazer, are made.

Luke Andree, our assistant winemaker, also has his own label, Sonnen.

Viticulture services – Mark Hoey

Mark and his team at Peak Viticulture keep a meticulous eye on our holdings and bring a wealth of local experience and knowledge to Pressing Matters. They revel in establishing new blocks with the latest clonal diversity right next to tending the oldest Pinot and Cabernet vines in the district. In these high density plantings they focus on soil heath, vine balance and highly detailed canopy management so this unique site can express true terroir. Light tillage undervine and midrow bring in oxygen and nutrient recycling as well as allowing planting of a diverse mix of annual and perennial legumes and grasses.

General Manager – Stephanie Fausz

As the go-to person for all matters concerning our brand, Stephanie has her work cut out for her. From operating the tasting room to managing our sales, she’s the one who keeps everything running smoothly.