Our Pinot Noir

Our Pinot Noir plantings comprise a complex mix of 20 different clone and rootstock combinations of differing ages, the oldest planted in 1980. Each combination has subtle but noticeable differences both in growth and flavours. Some will have larger bunches, some smaller, some grow upright, some like to flop. Some rootstocks are more tolerant of drought, others are not. Each combination has a different way of expressing the terroir of the vineyard providing a complex palette for our winemaker to draw from.

2021 Pinot Noir

The revered Estate Pinot Noir—like all wines made at Pressing Matters—is a time capsule of place that honours the wine’s articulation not just of the artistry of the winemaking, but the environment and climate that speaks through the fruit. This wine has a gorgeous depth of colour and flavour: plums and black cherries, a spritz of acidity, and opulent tannin.…

2022 Pinot Noir

This Coal River Valley Pinot Noir is both elegant and expressive. It bursts with vibrant red berries, complemented by earthy spice. Concentrated layers of red fruit, touched with vanilla and dried sage, offer an intriguing and complex palate. The mid-palate impresses with its fresh texture and fine structure, providing a solid foundation for the wine's expansive intensity. Notably, it boasts…

2019 Pinot Noir Cuvée C

The Cuvée C—first produced in 2016 and, since then, yearly—was birthed from the achievement of multiple milestones in 2016. The Melick family's first grandchild, Constance, who was born in 2016, is the namesake for the "C", while "Cuvée" comes from the French word meaning 'a blend of wine'. The year 2016 also marked the passing of a decade from Pressing…